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Mobiles Under 2000 Price List in India

Most of the feature phones are priced around 2000 and makes it an attractive option. Mobiles are one of the most selling products in the market mainly due to their quality and effective pricing. Mobiles are available at a wide price range with good spectrum of specifications. Mobile prices in india is compared from online stores available in india as on 09 April, 2020 Read More

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Mobiles Under 2000 price list in india

Mobiles Under 2000 NameStore NamePrice
Forme A37 (Black, 8 GB)(512 MB RAM)Rs. 2,000Flipkart
Panasonic Love T10 (Black, 4 GB)(512 MB RAM)Rs. 2,000Flipkart
Samsung Metro 360(White)Rs. 2,000Flipkart
Rs. 1,999Amazon
1 Plus1=2 D5 Pack of Three Mobiles(Blue $$ Red $$ Grey)Rs. 1,999Flipkart
AIEK X6 Credit Card Size(Green)Rs. 1,999Flipkart
BSNL SM3512 (Black, 8 GB)(512 MB RAM)Rs. 1,999Flipkart
Champion BSNL CHAMPION MP36 WHITE (White, 4 GB)(512 MB RAM)Rs. 1,999Flipkart
Cheers Neon GSMPlusCDMA(Black)Rs. 1,999Flipkart
Cheers Neon GSM PlusCDMA(Black)Rs. 1,999Flipkart