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Forme V8

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16 October, 2019

Key Specs

128MB Internal Storage
1350mAh Battery
5.0-inch, 320 x 480 Pixels Display
Dual Sim

Forme V8 Price Comparison

Forme V8 review

Forme V8 price in India is Rs. 1,769. The following article is written considering all the mobiles in the price range of Rs. 1,590 - Rs. 1,940.


Forme V8 comes with a 5.0-inch display. The display size of Forme V8 is higher than the average display size available in this price range. Refer to the following table for the suggestions on alternate mobiles. The average display size in this price range is 2.59 inch. The best display size among the mobiles in this price range is 6.5 inch.

Best Mobiles by Display Size
(Rs. 1,590 - Rs. 1,940)
Adcom A680 keyboard_arrow_rightRs. 1,6996.5-inch
Chilli -B03 keyboard_arrow_rightRs. 1,8995.08-inch
Chilli -B05 keyboard_arrow_rightRs. 1,8995.08-inch
Datawind PocketSurfer 3G5 keyboard_arrow_rightRs. 1,7995.0-inch
AK 1111 keyboard_arrow_rightRs. 1,8995.0-inch

Forme V8 comes with a HVGA display screen. Forme V8 has the resolution of 320 x 480 Pixels. It has a pixel density of 115 pixels per inch. The pixel density of Forme V8 is below average in this price range. Refer the folowing chart for pictorial representation of on the analysis.

Best Mobiles by Pixel Density
(Rs. 1,590 - Rs. 1,940)
Kechaoda K 55 keyboard_arrow_rightRs. 1,599412ppi
Kechaoda K55 Ultra Slim keyboard_arrow_rightRs. 1,599400ppi
HPL Mega A44 keyboard_arrow_rightRs. 1,590388ppi
Reliance ALL CDMA SIM PHONE keyboard_arrow_rightRs. 1,595339ppi
Adcom Thunder A-350i keyboard_arrow_rightRs. 1,790320ppi


Forme V8 packs 128MB of internal storage. The average internal memory in this segment is 409 MB. The maximum internal memory in this segment is 32 GB.

Best Mobiles by Internal Storage
(Rs. 1,590 - Rs. 1,940)
Lava 34 SUPER keyboard_arrow_rightRs. 1,79932GB
Swipe Sonic keyboard_arrow_rightRs. 1,7994GB
Datawind PocketSurfer 3G5 keyboard_arrow_rightRs. 1,7994GB
Micromax Bolt Joy keyboard_arrow_rightRs. 1,8904GB
Lava A52 keyboard_arrow_rightRs. 1,8994GB

Forme V8 is powered by Android 7.1 (Nougat), planned upgrade to Android 8.0 (Oreo). This mobile has a clock speed of 1.2GHz. Forme V8 comes with a Quad Core processor. Quad core processor has four cores. Each core can be put to work simultaneously on a given task. This means that each core has a clock speed of 1.2GHz. This enables fast and fluid multitasking. This results in smooth 3D gameplay, and super-speedy camera performance. However by looking at the other mobiles in this price range, the average processing speed is calculated. The average processing speed in this price range is 475.0 MHz. The maximum processing speed in this price range is 2.6 GHz Note both average and maximum processing speed includes the number of cores into consideration. .

Best Mobiles by CPU
(Rs. 1,590 - Rs. 1,940)
Lava A52 keyboard_arrow_rightRs. 1,8992 cores X 1.3GHz
Swipe Sonic keyboard_arrow_rightRs. 1,7992 cores X 1.2GHz
Datawind PocketSurfer 3G5 keyboard_arrow_rightRs. 1,7992 cores X 1.2GHz
Datawind Pocket Surfer 3G4Z keyboard_arrow_rightRs. 1,5992 cores X 1GHz
Vox Kick K1 keyboard_arrow_rightRs. 1,7991 cores X 1.2GHz

The RAM of Forme V8 is currently not available with us. However, looking at the RAM of other mobiles in this price range, the average and maximum RAM is represented on the chart below.

Best Mobiles by RAM
(Rs. 1,590 - Rs. 1,940)
Datawind PocketSurfer 3G5 keyboard_arrow_rightRs. 1,799512MB
Micromax Bolt Joy keyboard_arrow_rightRs. 1,890512MB
Swipe Sonic keyboard_arrow_rightRs. 1,799512MB
Lava 34 SUPER keyboard_arrow_rightRs. 1,799512MB
Lava A52 keyboard_arrow_rightRs. 1,899512MB

Camera & battery

The average primary camera capacity in this segment is 0.9 MP. The primary camera resolution of Forme V8 is lesser than the average display size available in this price range. Refer subsequent sections for alternate mobiles.

Best Mobiles by Primary Camera
(Rs. 1,590 - Rs. 1,940)
Datawind Pocket Surfer 3G4Z keyboard_arrow_rightRs. 1,5995MP
Adcom Thunder A-350 HD keyboard_arrow_rightRs. 1,7903.2MP
Adcom A680 keyboard_arrow_rightRs. 1,6993.2MP
Videocon Infinium Z30 Dart keyboard_arrow_rightRs. 1,7993.2MP
Forme Discovery P9 256MB keyboard_arrow_rightRs. 1,6993MP
Best Mobiles by Selfie Camera
(Rs. 1,590 - Rs. 1,940)
Cheers C28 keyboard_arrow_rightRs. 1,6501.3MP
Lava Flair P1 keyboard_arrow_rightRs. 1,8990.3MP
Lava A32 keyboard_arrow_rightRs. 1,8990.3MP
Datawind PocketSurfer 3G5 keyboard_arrow_rightRs. 1,7990.3MP
Lava A52 keyboard_arrow_rightRs. 1,8990.3MP

Forme V8 is powered by 1350mAh. Mobile phones with higher battery capacity is expected to have higher talk time.This is the highest battery capacity in this segment.

Best Mobiles by Battery
(Rs. 1,590 - Rs. 1,940)
GreenBerry Music G212 keyboard_arrow_rightRs. 1,6998800mAh
I Kall K44 keyboard_arrow_rightRs. 1,6898000mAh
Blackbear C-88 Karaoke keyboard_arrow_rightRs. 1,7106000mAh
Trio T5000 Mobile Cum Power Bank keyboard_arrow_rightRs. 1,5995000mAh
Karbonn K444 Shakti keyboard_arrow_rightRs. 1,7404000mAh

Forme V8 Key Features & Sensors


For this mobile, Currently no information on the sensors are available with us.

Forme V8 Full Specifications


Internal Storage
12.7 cm (5 inch) , HVGA , 320 x 480 Pixels


Display Size
12.7 cm (5 inch)
320 x 480 Pixels
Resolution Type


Rear Camera Features
Selfie Camera Features


Memory And Storage

Internal Storage


Battery Capacity

General Specs

Model Name
In the Box
USB Adapter, User Manual, Warranty Card, Handset, Battery
Phone Type
Feature Phones
Dual Sim


Supported Networks
Mini HDMI Port
Micro USB Port
Audio Jack

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